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Vulcanizing machine scope

Release time:2018-12-04 Times of browsing:7144

It is suitable for the production and machining of rubber parts such as rubber seals, rubber sheets, rubber tracks, rubber dams, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts and parts, multi-layer moldings, etc.

Properties of vulcanizing machine:

1. Adopting PLC or manual control make  performance reliable and degree of automation high. To identify the wrong command automatically to avoid accidents caused by wrong operation was equipped.

2. The preprogrammed process program can be locked so that the operator can not change it to ensure the quality of the pressed product.

3. With timed mold opening, automatic deflation, automatic pressure and other functions.

4. With automatic push-pull mold device, reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency.

5. Manual, automatic and electric three operating modes are available.

6. The electric heating press adopts digital display (pointer type) to control and display the temperature of the heating plate.

7. The main cylinder adopts a new sealing structure, and the plunger material is chilled cast iron to ensure long-term use.